This Surgically Induced Astigmatism Calculator (SIAC) has been designed to calculate, by means of vector mathematics, the average amount of surgically induced astigmatism created during the cataract surgical procedure. This individualized surgeon information can then be summarized by incision type, size, and location by using the built-in "Create Report" function.

It is my hope that by more accurately quantifying surgically induced astigmatism, surgeons may increase the accuracy of their clinical outcomes and thus be more precise in their treatment and management of astigmatism using the Alcon AcrySof toric IOL for all patients.

I would also ask for your assistance in putting together a database of information collected from surgeons around the world to be included in an analysis of surgically induced astigmatism. These data will be analyzed in total so that we may further understand the nature of surgically induced astigmatism for many different types of incisions. If you would like your data to be included in this important analysis, please register and add your information to the database. Instructions for sending data are included once you have registered on the site and logged in.

Thank you in advance for providing your data.

Warren Hill, MD